Monday, April 27, 2015

Alaska in April

Alaska in April- no crowds, hardly a soul in sight for miles at times. Tranquil and serene- none of that hectic schedule in LA. It's a different experience from the tropical islands that we usually go to on spring breaks. Did a loop road trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks via Glennallen and back to Anchorage bypassing the Denali National Park. Graced with gorgeous snow covered landscape that I've not seen since my days in Montana. Weather was cold but still bearable for us to do dog mushing, ice fishing and glacier tours. Best of all, the aurora borealis sightings right out of our cabin in Fairbanks was amazing. To the naked eye, it's like watching white lights dancing across the sky but on photos captured by the cameras, it's out of this world. The greens, purples, and blues were just spectacular. We were blessed to be entertained by aurora  2 out of the 3 nights we were there.

On the way to Whittier, we had to drive thru the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel for 2.5 miles- the longest one way highway tunnel in America. Took us about 10 min to go from one end to the other at 25 miles per hr.

Glacier tour on a chartered boat out of Whittier in Blackstone Bay was quite awesome. Cold and rainy but calm waters. Loved the blues and whites of the Blackstone glacier.

                                        Elegant natural art piece, who knows how old it is.

Was tempted to take the planet walk in downtown Anchorage but just did not have enough time.
Matanuska Glacier, supposedly this is accessible by cars but we didn't look into it. Took a picture from a distance and visited Glacier View Elementary School nearby.
Dog sledding with Black Spruce Adventures. 7 dogs and 2 sleds on an 8 mile sunset run. My son was sitting in the front sled while I was manning the tag sled behind. Very fun until I was thrown off the sled as the dogs were charging ahead around a sharp corner. Banged my head in the snow, bruised my nose, and had sore shoulders for the 2 next days. Totally memorable experience.
First time ice fishing in a hut on a lake in Fairbanks. A bit of raw shrimp for bait and an itty bitty fishing pole. Quite boring honestly, sat there for 3 hours wriggling the pole every so often hoping to hook a fish. Came away with 7 fishes at the end.
                  One of the rainbow trouts that I caught. Made for good fried fish dinner.
Aurora dancing across the sky right in front of our cabin. Considered ourselves very lucky as the aurora forecasts were not good for the days we were there. In fact, aurora showed up around 11:20 each night and we were able to take photos for about 45 minutes before it faded away.

                           The abandoned igloo hotel on the way from Fairbanks to Anchorage.

  Blue sky, white clouds, rain in the distance and snow on the ground- mother nature at work.
                              Sunset at Anchorage- mesmerizing layers of colors.