Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Meals on safari

Staples for breakfast were toasts, eggs cooked to order, bacon or sausage and fruits, supplemented with cereals, pastries, milk, tea, coffee, juices, yogurt, jams, etc.
Dinner at the camps usually consists of a soup (vegetable, pumpkin, chicken broth), tomatoes and cucumber salad or arugula salad, a meat or two (chicken, beef, lamb, or pork chop), cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, green beans, potatoes, pasta, or rice and desserts. Meats were usually overcooked to avoid food poisoning and they can be tough to chew. Most vegetables were served raw or undercooked.
The food in our lunch boxes during our safari trip were plentiful with a mix of good and bad. A couple of days, I had to give away some food to anybody who'll take them as not to be wasteful. Resources are hard to come by in remote places of Africa, so we're thankful that we had lunch boxes for lunch. We were careful with what we ate and nobody got sick on this trip. We try to eat hot foods as much as possible, were careful with cold foods like sandwiches, salads and fruits, as well as avoiding rotten foods. Wipes and hand sanitizers are a must as most bathroom facilities do not have soap.
Samples of our lunch boxes:-
Day 1 -Choice of vegetarian, ham or tuna sandwiches, peanuts, cookies, water
Day 2- Beef salad, pasta salad, sandwich (can't remember which kind), cookies, yogurt, water
Day 3- Fried chicken, cheese sandwich, crackers, chips, apple and juice box
Day 4- Grilled chicken, a slice of pizza, sandwich, one hard boiled egg, tangerine and bottled juice
Day 5- Fried chicken, sandwiches, cookies, hard boiled egg, half of an orange, cake, juice
Day 6- Fried chicken, veggie sandwich (a slice of tomato in between buns), hard boiled egg, banana, candy bar, yogurt, juice
Day 7- Cheese bread, muffin, baked chicken, apple, banana, candy bar, juice
 (Sopa) Chicken, juice box, cheese sandwich, crackers, apple, chips and juice  box

(Kati kati) Hard boiled egg, sandwich, chicken, pizza, tangerine and orange juice.

   (Kati-kati) Chicken, cookies, juice, sandwiches, hard boiled egg, cake, half of an orange
(Angata) Cheese bread, muffin, banana, chicken, candy bar and juice box. Less items because we were given the choice to omit any that we do not want from the lunch boxes. Great way of not wasting food.

Made me cringe looking at this- piles of used lunch boxes at one of the trash bins at Arusha Airport. Wish there is a better way to handle these wastes.

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