Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 4 and 5, Central Serengeti

 Amazing views from the top of the kopjes or rocks by the entrance to the Serengeti Park.
Serengeti- the mystical word in the back of my mind all these years. Endless plains is what it meant.  Miles and miles of plains as far as the eyes could see. Animal sightings was amazing. We pretty much saw the same animals as the days before and more but in larger quantity. The weather was dry and we ate a lot of dust through out the day on the road.

                                                               Golden breasted starling
                                             Superb starling drinking sap from the flowers.

                                                                Black heron
                                                             Hippo pool
                                                     Cinnamon chested bee eater
                                                           Guinea fowls
Two older male lions touching paws and resting together. A lion can live up to 18 years old. According to our guide, these two are probably around 15 years old. They may be old but they're still capable of hunting for their prey. Animals may be too quick for them to capture so human make an easier target for them at this age. Once they tasted a human being, they'd prefer the salty taste of the human flesh and that will keep them hunting for more. For this reason, if the lion had made a human killing, it'll be hunted down and killed as well.

                                                 The lion king and his queen.
                                                           Young lion cubs.
                                                              Egyptian goose
                                                     Secretary bird

                                                        Warthogs and hyena.

Leopard resting in the tree.

Family of elephants

                                                          Yellow billed stork

                                                      Red and yellow berbet
                                                   Von der decken's hornbill
                                                             Grey heron
Accommodation for this part of the trip was Kati Kati 70- a migrating camp site. Our driver was lost looking for it, drove around the same area (passed by the same water tank twice) for two hours before locating it at the foothills tucked away among the trees. Beautiful surroundings and sunsets. No mosquitoes or flies and lots of birds. We had 2 tents next to each other. The tents had comfortable beds, flush toilets and bush showers which was a hoot. We were limited to 20 liters or 5 gallons of water each for our shower. We had to tell the shower attendant what time we wanted our shower and he'll bring around a bucket of hot water to be poured into our shower container. Standing in the shower, one had to wet oneself then turn off the water. Lather on the soap and rinse off with the remaining water. However, I found that 5 gallons did not get me clean. I had to request for more water in order to finish off my shower. This experience made me appreciate my home shower that much more. We liked this camp better than the Angata Migration Camp. It was more basic but comfortable and had an intimate feel to it. Self laundry with one bucket of water was something I had never done before. Due to the weight restrictions set forth by one of our flights, we packed less clothing than what we normally would for a 12 days trip. Had to do laundry by the 4th day of our trip. Believe me I've never seen muddier laundry water after a wash. Nice spread of tasty food (soup, pasta, pork chops, beef, sauteed vegetables, pasta, rice and dessert) and our driver joined us for dinners.
Huge ant hill next to our tent but no ants in our tent. Barrel for shower water.
Front of our tent with one bucket of water and detergent on the table for laundry. DIY laundry using the canvas hamper and stand on the right.
                                                          Mess hall.
 Muddy water after DIY laundry. That right there tells you how dusty this part of the trip was.

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