Tuesday, May 13, 2014

San Juan Capistrano Mission

Mother's day- a day of mixed feelings. My mom passed away 9 years ago. That lost feeling had not diminished with time. Not a day went by since her passing that I don't think about her. To this day, I'm envious of my friends who still have their moms around to do things together or visit with no matter how old they are. 

Mother's day buffet brunch overlooking a golf course  in Laguna Beach.
 Nice table setting
Lovely desserts 
On the other hand, it's a day that my husband and I always celebrate as my mother in law lives with us. It's usually a mother's day brunch at a local restaurant and then a trip to the beach or a local landmark. This year was San Juan Capistrano Mission. SJC Mission was founded on Nov 1, 1776 by Father Serra . It's interesting to see the architecture and imagining how life was more than 200 years ago. It was a hot afternoon and walking around the uneven terrain in 4 inch heels made it an uncomfortable walk. Managed to take a few pictures and hopefully will be back in the future for more. There's a lot of history to this place as every elementary school students in Southern California had to build a replica of this mission or do a project on it.

                                       Beautiful pathway leading up to the Father Serra's statue.
                                                          Statue of Father Serra
                                 The wall of the Grand Church- destroyed by an earthquake.
                                               The Mission Basilica SJC in the background
                                                                    Living quarters
                                                              Koi and lily pond.

                                                                 Red bougainvilleas
                                                                 Cactus flowers
                                                                      Bee buzzing...

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