Thursday, May 1, 2014

Big Island, Hawaii.

First day in the Big island, we went to the Hilo's Farmers Market. Plenty of food, vegetables, flowers, fruits, drinks, arts and crafts, etc. Tried the spam musubi, malasada, sushi, pad thai, and ginger drinks which turned out to be just ok. Bought a few vegetables like "龍鬚菜" or "dragon whiskers vegetable", wild fern, purple potatoes and winged beans. Had to buy the local papayas for $1 (6 in a bag), mangosteens, pear apples and rambutans. My city boy husband decided to lug home a big, old coconut as well. Up till the last day, he had no idea how to get to the juice inside. Watching him throwing the coconut around hoping it would crack open was the highlight of my vacation.

                                                        Very ripe and sweet papayas.
Pear apples with mangosteens in the background. Quite bland and lacked texture compared to the ones that we had in Taiwan or Malaysia.
                                                                        Wild fern

                                                         Jumbo Chinese gourd.
Giant durians- wanted but didn't. Would be a waste as I'd be the only one eating it.  My husband just had to buy a bigger and older coconut after watching the little girl enjoying her drink.
Red bananas- supposed to be sweeter than the yellow ones. Wasn't the case with the one that I tried.
                                                               Beautiful Akaka Falls.
We did a zip lining tour near Akaka Falls in the drizzling rain. We did 7 lines total, starting from a few feet above the ground to the final one at 3150 ft long and 500 ft above the ground. My daughter who was very hesitant in the beginning wanted to do it again as the tour ended. Flying over the 250 ft tall Kolekole Falls and having full view of the water plunging down from the cliff was an exhilarating experience. Freedom, freedom............ Took some of my nerves away.
                                    Akaka Falls National Park- serene and tranquil after the rain.

This was one of the wahoos that we caught on the second day that we were in Hawaii. We chartered a boat for US$750 and managed to catch 4 wahoos- more like the boat crew hooked them up and we reeled them in. As my husband was reeling in the first wahoo, the boat captain announced that the catch belonged to the boat. I'm not sure if that's the rule in Hawaii or just the captain's as we've chartered fishing boats before in different countries and had never heard of such a claim. Nonetheless, my husband had to negotiate with the captain to keep one of the wahoos.
Nice sized wahoos which the local market was selling for $13 to $21 per pound. My husband reeled in two of them while my son and I did the other two. Needless to say, arm muscles were sore for the next two days.
Getting ready for our first dinner at the house. Clockwise from the top- "dragon whiskers vegetable"- one of my favorite, winged beans and wild fern.
Wahoo sashimi with stir fries and papaya salad. Liked the wahoo a lot- delicate and flavorful either raw or seared, not much seasoning needed.

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