Thursday, April 17, 2014

The bird that could, Kolea.

We were in Big Island, Hawaii 3 weeks ago for the spring break. Was looking forward to a relaxing week at the beach front rental as I was tired and stressed from work and home life. I thought wrong. No sleep the first night or the next few nights thereafter. If it's not the crashing waves outside my bedroom door, then it's the howling wind bristling the trees or high waves alert issued due to the earthquake in Chile. Cozying up a little too closely to nature this time around.
Each morning (except for one) at 6 am when the sun rises, the birds started chirping outside my bedroom window. Then, precisely at 6:15 every morning, there's this one bird who sits on the fence outside my window making dog yelping sounds followed by non stop loud shrieks of "ki-u, ki-u". Forget about sleeping in. At first, I was looking for a dog but then realized I should be looking for a bird when I saw this one outside. The only morning this bird didn't wake me up was the day that I got up at 4:30 am to go deep sea fishing.  Had been sick for 2 weeks now since I came home. More tired than before. So much for a relaxing vacation.
Apparently, this is no ordinary bird. It's called the kolea in Hawaiian, otherwise known as the Pacific Golden Plover. I read online that it's a migratory bird that flew thousands of miles non stop from Alaska to Hawaii for the winter then vice versa back to Alaska for nesting during summer. This particular one had put on weight and gained some muscles in preparation for its flight back to Alaska come late April or May.  Not only that, it's developed the black underbelly feathers and golden speckled ones on top for breeding purposes. Have a good trip, mighty bird.

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