Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Prime rib, medium rare.

                                                               Crispy exterior
Juicy and moist.
3.16 lb prime rib (1 rib bone-in roast, rib separated from meat but tied intact with cooking twine)
1 cup of beef broth and 1 cup of water
3 tbsp (leveled) of prime rib or steak seasoning
1/2 cup of carrots, 1 inch chunks
1/2 cup of celery, 1 inch chunks
1/4 cup of white onion, 1 inch chunks
2 bay leaves
1. Rub rib roast with seasoning and marinate for 2 hours in the fridge. Take out the roast and leave at room temperature for another 2 hours prior to cooking.
2. Preheat oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  Lay carrots, celery, onions and bay leaves on the bottom of a large enamel roaster or roasting pan. Pour in the beef broth and water. Place the rib roast bone side down and roast at 500 degrees for 18 minutes (roughly 6 minutes per pound). With roast in the oven, turn down the temperature to 200 degrees F and let it roast for 45 minutes (adjust cooking time for larger roast). Cooking thermometer inserted in the center of roast should read 125 degrees F at this point. 
3. Remove roaster from the oven and tent tightly with aluminum foil. Let the roast rest for 20 minutes before carving. Temperature will rise 10 more degrees to 135 degrees F for medium rare. Spoon the cooking juices over the roast before serving. 

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