Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Classic banquet style Foochow dishes, Sibu

Growing up, my family never went out to eat. Every single meal was home cooked by my mom or sisters. The only time we ate out was when we were invited for a banquet lunch or dinner in celebration of someone's engagement, wedding, funeral, or birthday. The adults would be scratching their heads over how much 'ang pow' to give to the host while we, the kids will be looking forward to the banquet food and soft drinks.
In those days, the food was pretty much set to ten dishes which  included long life noodles and eggs, an appetizer platter (deep fried scallops, bbq pork slices, jelly fish,etc), paper wrapped whole chicken, a whole roasted duck, a whole steamed fish, shark fin's soup or tofu and oyster soup or sea cucumber soup, braised or stir fried sea cucumber, sweet and sour ribs and sometimes abalone mushroom with green veggies.
The banquet would round up with desserts like taro paste and a fruit platter or canned longans in seven-up drink. Taro paste was my favorite childhood dessert especially the ones from Hock Chu Leu Restaurant. I'd always be stuffed at the end of lunch or dinner as the adults at the table would be dishing the food onto my plate, urging me to finish the food. Out of respect, I never say no to the adults, just stuffed myself silly. Those were the days. Kind of funny, thinking back.

Sea cucumber soup fom Sheraton Restaurant, Sibu. Very good with a touch of vinegar and white pepper.
Oyster and tofu soup from Hock Chu Leu restaurant- one of the oldest restaurant in Sibu. Taste was so-so but portion was huge. Could easily feed a table of 15 instead of 10.
Classic stir fried sea cucumber with eggs. I think I like my own version better.

                                Hong zhao rice- great for hong zhao lovers

Pork liver with green vegetable. Can't stop eating the liver slices.

sweet and sour pork
                         Huge shau mai from Hock Chu Leu- 2 or 3 of this and u'll be stuffed.

Live for these- taro paste( 芋泥) and peanut pastry from Hock Chu Leu. Still taste the same after all these years.
Deep fried white pomfret- crispy and crunchy to the last bite.

Sweet and sour ribs from the New Capitol restaurant- another childhood favorite.
Gotta have vegetables- stir fried okra, belacan midin and pucuk manis with eggs

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