Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tails of La Paz.

It was a privilege to see humpback whales in the Sea of Cortez off of La Paz. My first time, and I was mesmerised by the sight.

Another lovely tail. We were on a swimming with the sea lions trip but was granted such a show by the whales.

Three whales swimming alongside each other. One with the tail up, the second was ready to dive and flip its tail while the third one was blowing air and spraying water out of its blowhole. As told by our guide, it's mating season. Thus, 2 males on each side of the female trying to impress her with their skills. A delightful show over and over.

                                 Isla Espiritu Santo- home to various wildlife

One of the many sea lion colonies on Isla Espiritu Santo. According to our guide, the larger male sea lion can have up to 15 smaller female companions in his harem. It's very territorial. When we first got in the water snorkelling and swimming, the males would get in front of us and blow air bubbles in our faces. That's their way of showing us who's the boss down there. After they got that established, they were swimming and frolicking alongside us. Close enough to rub up against us. Such a thrill to swim with these sea lions. Beautiful underwater scenery, too. Colorful schools of fish were everywhere, so was the beautiful corals. Kind of  scary for a beginner swimmer like me. I got nervous as I looked down in the water and it was bottomless. Where's the floor of the sea? It's embarassing to say but our guide was kind enough to hold my hand the entire time that I was in the water. Otherwise, I'd have panicked and probably wouldn't have lived to write this entry. Thanks, Juan.

The smartest sea lion around. At the end of the snorkelling trip, my son had accidentally dropped my snorkelling gear into the water. I managed to grab the breathing apparatus but couldn't save the goggle. One of the larger sea lion chased after it but lost interest. Our guide went down trying to save it but gave up after a while. This smaller sea lion who was hanging around our boat the entire time decided to dive and chase after the goggle. Not only did it retrieve the goggle, it nose delivered the goggle to our guide. I was in awe. Amazing wildlife.
My husband snapped this picture of the sea lion chasing after the goggle.
Bonito caught by my husband

The first yellowtail that my husband caught in La Paz.
Freshly caught sierra mackerel- went well with jalapeno and dash of soy sauce- prepared by Steinbeck's at Costabaja.
                                                        Cosmopolitan at Steinbeck's

Pina Colada at Azul Marino 
Margarita at Tailhunter Intl Restaurant 
                                       Tender and very well seasoned ribs at Tailhunter
                                           Sweet shrimps of La paz at Tailhunter

Coconut candy and chocolate truffles complements of Steinbeck's- sweet end to a relaxing vacation.


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