Friday, October 12, 2012

Zurich, Switzerland

Such an international city! Impressive window shopping at Bahnofstrasse- lined with banks, gourmet food stores, fashion boutiques, and name brand stores like Rolex, Cartier, Phillippe Patek, Tods, Chopard, Omega, etc. The best chocolates and mini macaroons (Luxemburgerlis) I had on this trip were at the Sprungli store on Bahnofstrasse. Tried 12 different flavors of their Luxemburgerlis plus 6 flavors of chocolates and they all tasted so good- melt in your mouth smoothness. All that for less than 25 euros. Loved Jelmoli Department Store's gourmet food section- could be my gastronomical playground for the whole day. The countless cheeses,  meats, olives, oils, pastas, wines, pastries, aromatics, etc- amazing. Great selection and variety.
Another grocery store that I like is the Migros Market. This place was across the street from our hotel in Zurich. It's expensive to eat breakfast on site at the hotel or Starbucks or McDonald's. Yes, a Big Mac in Zurich will set you back 11.95 euros. So, we'd wonder across the street in the morning to this market and buy the freshest, most delicious savory pastries stuffed with ham, cheese and bacon for only 2.40 euros each. A 1.25 L bottle of distilled water sells for 1.25 euros here. A lot of the locals came here to pick up some food on their way to work. So, eating in Zurich can be affordable. Just go where the locals go, like any other place.
Drove around Lake Zurich, intending to find the cable car ride to Felsenegg, instead we ended up at Restaurant Buchenegg. Nice place with wonderful views of Zurich, ordered ice creams and apple strudel. Hiked for about a mile and a half up the countryside searching for more views of Zurich. With hardly anyone else in sight, we had a fun time running thru the flowery meadows and stopping once in a while to enjoy the different vegetation along the trails.

Chas Vreneli, a small specialty cheese store at Fraunmunster Square. Had local brie (soft and gooey) and camembert with butterzopfli (braided bread)- so buttery and satisfying. We happened to park our car at the square and I had to check out the store. Parking here is not that expensive. If I remember correctly, it was 3 euros for 2 hours.

Went to lunch at the nearby Zeughauskeller- this restaurant was housed in an old building dating back to 1487. It used to be an arsenal storehouse for weapons and ammunitions- some of which are still on display in the restaurant today. Very friendly service with rustic Swiss food. 

                        Zeughauskeller- half meter long sausage with rosti- hash brown pancakes.  

Veal and mushrooms in creamy white wine sauce- salty otherwise quite good with the rosti.

                                                         Sprungli's confectionaries

                                                The melt in your mouth goodness at Sprungli

                                                Jelmoli's Dept Store- very tempting

                                                   Jelmoli's assortment of fresh pasta

                                                         Jelmoli's cheese shop

                                                         Tough choices to make.

                                                            Jelmoli's Italian mozzarella

Scamorza- similar to mozzarella

Olives from around the world

                                Pancetta, prosciutto, smoked ham, bacon, pate, terrines,etc

                                                             More charcuterie

Meat and liver sausages
Cute farmhouse at Buchenegg

Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream- sour berries at Restaurant Buchenegg

               Grimmenturm- medieval tower and the red building is about 800 years old in Old town

Swiss Chuchi- famous for cheese fondues. The cheese smell was quite profound about two blocks away. They have a hotel upstairs. One have to really love the cheesy smell in order to stay here.

Traditional four cheese fondue in garlic and white wine with lots of bread- my kids loved it but my taste bud was unable to distinguish the flavors of the cheeses. 

                                           Swiss cold cuts with pickled vegetables- the best

                                                           Fraunmunster Abbey

Grossmunster Church's bell tower

                                                            Grossmunster Church

                                                                    Lake Zurich
                                                                  Lake Zurich

                                                        Swiss flags down an alley

                                         Swiss flags on almost every building in the city

                                             Lake Zurich- near the town of Rapperswil

Lake Zurich viewed from Buchenegg

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