Friday, September 7, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague- such a beautiful, romantic and touristy city. That's my first impression of Prague city. No matter which way you turn, there's always something structurally beautiful that catches your attention. Easy walk to anywhere as long as you have good walking shoes for the cobblestone streets. Those cobblestones can really wreck a havoc on your shoes and feet.
We had rented an apartment, Kozna 6, down a side street next to Old Town square. Had a hard time locating the apartment without a GPS. Spent an hour circling aimlessly around the area in our car and asking numerous people before a passerby came to our rescue. It was nice of him to use his smart phone to pinpoint the apartment and gave us a precise directions. Once there, we met the most hospitable host, Pasquale. Took us up to the apartment, and oh my, wonderful views of the city and of the astronomical clock tower out of the apartment windows. Nice, modern and spacious apartment with full kitchen attached. Large and brightly lit bathroom with tub, shower, bidet, toilet and towel warmer.  It made us felt right at home in Prague. Best stay we had for our road trip. Pasquale recommended a Czech restaurant, Mjelnice, down the alley from the apt, for our first night in Prague. Good food, desirable service with no airconditioning- be prepared to sweat thru dinner.
Climbed up the hill to the vast Prague Castle compound for a breathtaking view of the city. Could easily spend several days here. The compound houses the Royal Palace, Summer Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica, various gardens, and many more aesthetic buildings with various architectural styles dating from the year 880. Took a break from the rain at one of its cafe. Ordered Sacher Torte and profiteroles with grog which was a traditional Czech drink consisting of warm water, rum, a cube of sugar and a slice of lemon. Good drink on a rainy day.

                                       Czech's river valley- beautiful scenery all the way to Prague
                                                Church of our Lady before Tyn at night, Old Town Square
 Old Town Square at night- the sky looked surreal and felt like man-made even though it's all natural         
Breakfast for 4 at the apartment- we're spoiled with scrumptious and delicious spread for 2 days.

The famous astronomical clock at Old Town Square 

Old Town Square 

Jan Hus Monument- a symbol of Czech nationalism 

St Vitus Cathedral from Charles Bridge

St. Bernard kneeling beforeVirgin Mary- statue from 1709.
St. John of Nepomuk- the saying was touch the relief on the right and you'll return to Prague.
Crowded Charles Bridge 
                                                           Music box on wheels
Vltava River
St Nicholas Church 
Stairway to the Prague Castle compound 
Love is in the air. This is probably the fifth couple that we encountered getting married that day. 
St. Vitus Cathedral
Huddling away from the rain at the cathedral's entrance
Interior of St. Vitus Cathedral
Nice door knobs but, mind you they're sharp
City view from Prague Castle

Mjelnice's beef goulash in bread bowl- very good  
Mjelnice's roasted pork knee- perfect crispy skin, amazing flavors
Grilled baby back ribs- surprisingly good at a cafe near St. Nicholas Church 
Beef goulash from the same cafe- lacks substance 
Profiteroles- satisfied my sweet tooth
Sacher Torte- on the dry side

Ham or prosciutto anyone? Sold by the 100 grams with 200 grams minimum 
Potato chips on a stick- light and crispy 
Trdelnik rolled pastries with cinnamon- fluffy with a nice soft crust and taste like churro  
Mushroom shaped nut crackers 
                             The famous Dancing House- Ginger on the left with Fred on the right
Vltava riverbank 

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