Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Heidelberg's pharmacy museum and Weimar, Germany

We stopped by the pharmacy museum on our way to Nuremberg. It is located inside the Heidelberg Castle. Beautiful castle on a vast compound offering expansive views of the Heidelberg town and beyond. The museum was very informative and educational - offering details from the early foundation of pharmaceutical science to today's medical innovations.  The museum also houses the world's largest wine cask and a tasting room to anyone interested in the local wines for 5 euros each.  Heidelberg town also boasts the longest pedestrian walk in Germany- 1.6km long. Lots of shops and restaurants to entertain oneself. We had lunch at one of the touristy restaurants. We had roasted pork knuckles, duck confit and green salads which were just mediocre.
                                             Heidelberg Castle- pharmacy museum to the right
                                                      Entrance to the pharmacy museum
The symbols of pharmacy- medicine is poison as indicated by the snakes on the arms of the statues, weighing scales and weights, medicine bottles
                                                           Christ- the first healer

Medical weights from the 17th and 18th century
These medicine cabinets reminds me of the traditional chinese medicine cabinets at chinese drugstores.
The herbal aspects of medicine

The animal byproducts used for medicinal purposes

                               Penicillin- the very first antibiotics, the early savior of humankind
                                       Suppository molds and various tools for compounding

Pharmacy equipment- couldn't understand the descriptions shown as they were all in German.
                                                           Pharmacy equipment
                                                            Pharmacy equipment
Various medicinal products in tiny vials
Filtration system, I think.                                                 World's largest wine cask
                                            Heidelberg town from Heidelberg Castle

We went to the town of Weimar (used to be an East German town) as my husband wanted to see if there's any difference between a West and an East Germany town. It was about 2.5 hours drive from Neuhaus. I can say one can't tell the difference. It's a lovely town just like any other small towns in Germany. We went to the town square which was next to the Theaterplatz where the statues below were located. Had lunch at a cafe nearby and enjoyed their wiener schnitzel sandwiches. Went to a gelato cafe next door and sat outside just to watch the world goes by. It was fun.

                                             Goethe and Schiller in front of Weimar Theater
Loved the characteristics on the houses- many have a history of its own
Theaterplatz in Weimar- great place for people watching 

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