Thursday, May 17, 2012

Foochow Heritage

This is the World Fuzhou Heritage Gallery in Sibu. It's located next door to the Star Mega Mall at Jalan Salim. Very interesting and informative. It taught me the history of the Foochows in Sibu which I was unaware of before. Brings back a lot of childhood memories as well seeing the things that I've not seen in a while. Great place to visit for anyone interested in Foochow culture and heritage.
My mom used to tell me the story of  "3 tools and 3 heads"- scissors for the tailors, cooking knives for the chefs and shavers for the barbers. Those were the tools of trade for many Foochows when they first settled in Sibu from Fuzhou, China a century ago.
This reminded me of the stone mill that my godmother used to grind up rice into rice flour to make "mochi" or glutinous rice dumplings.
                                                                  Old kettles
                                                               Kitchen tools
                                                  Hats, weighing scale, kerosene lights
                           Molds to make rice cake (ba wei), candlestick holders, old style iron
                                               Japanese currency during their WWII occupation
                                                          Wedding gift bearers

                                         Coop to carry chickens as a gift during wedding ceremonies
                                       Tin used to store cookies or dried noodles
                                                         Tofu making board
                                     Rattan chairs- cool and comfortable in the warm climate
Reminds me of the chairs that I used to drag around the house when I was little.
Chair where little girls sat to have their feet bounded to be 3 inches long in the old days.

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