Friday, April 20, 2012

Colors of Sibu

Home grown boungainvilleas
Express boat going upriver on the Rajang

Symbol of Sibu

                                                                  Town center
Another view of town center
                                                              Motorbikes for sale
                                                            Town of motorbikes

                                                            Lovely kampung house
                                                            Local wood- "magao cha" ???
Belawai Beach- 1.5 hrs drive from Sibu
Belawai Beach- isolated but the water is a little murky
                                                               Interesting clouds

                                  Very good mushroom rolls, herbs salad and payung salad
                                                     Local crabs- great for finger licking

                                                Rice flour paste in broth or "Dian bian hu"
                                                 Pork stuffed crispy "gompia"- delicious
                                           Rojak- cucumbers and pineapples in peanut sauce
                                                              Sarawak laksa
                                     "Bian nik" or meat fillings in super thin wantan-like skins

                                        Kampua with pork- should have a few more of these

                                                Stir fried "mani cai" or "lakkian cai" with eggs
Stir fried midin- better with some red chillies

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