Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mammoth and Mono Lakes

We had a chance to visit Mammoth and Mono Lakes over the thanksgiving weekend with my brother and my cousin's family. Of course, the ski area was crowded. Being beginner skiers, we decided to rent some ski equipments and went skiing on the snow slopes by the roadside. It was fun plus we had the whole area to ourselves. Mono lake is a salt water lake. Crystal clear and calm water provided excellent reflections for picture taking.

 A beautiful and very friendly horse by the roadside on our
 way to Mammoth/Mono Lakes area.
                                         Crowded and busy Mammoth Ski Area

                                                   Frozen Mammoth Lake
                                     Beautiful salt rock formation at Mono Lake

                                          Let the reflection speak for itself. Such tranquility.

                                                       Love the colors


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