Monday, December 12, 2011

Farewell, my friend.

Our dear friend, T, lost his battle with cancer 10 days ago, 1 month shy of his 51st birthday. We couldn't believe it even though we knew that death was inevitable towards the end. He was a fighter till the very end, slipping away peacefully to be with God. He never gave up throughout his 26 rounds of chemo even at the last one. He always said if he didn't go thru with each round of chemo, no matter how debilitating the side effects were, he won't have a chance to fight his cancer. But, in the end, the chemo may have prolonged his life by a few months, it certainly destroyed the normal functions of his organs as well. When his kidneys went out and sepsis kicked in, his condition deteriorated very rapidly.
T was a very loving and caring person, loved his wife and kids, loved life, loved to travel, easy going, and generous with a huge dose of humor for life. He taught us the meaning of life. In the 15 years that we've known him, we definitely shared a lot of good times together. We watched his two daughters grew from babies to adolescents and vice versa. We were reluctant to see him go and saddened by his passing but we know that he's in a better place. Suffer no more, my friend. May you rest in peace.

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