Friday, August 26, 2011

Wings over Camarillo

Went to a local airshow over the weekend at Camarillo Airport, about an hour north of Los Angeles. Great chance to see and touch many beautiful aircrafts on display including current military, WWII, antique, restored, private and wacky airplanes. Many veterans and military personnel were on hand to share information about the planes, military vehicles and equipments. One can feel the sense of pride shared by these pilots talking about their planes to visitors and doing various maneuvers with their planes in the air. First time for me to see an upside down helicopter flying in the air. What a treat! I wish I could remember the names of the planes and vehicles that I saw at the show but unfortunately, progressing age has blocked out most of the information. Nonetheless, it was a fun day!

                                                           WWII's China Doll
                                                           China Doll's cockpit
                                                        Something for the road
                                                            F 18 fighter jet

Fully loaded

WWII Japanese aircraft
See the sign
                                                       WWII Russian aircraft
                                                           Something fun
                                                          Something cute

Machine gun
                                                          Future ground traffic controller
Shark warbird

                                             Fast and furious F 18. Gone in a whiff!
Beautiful maneuver, paying tribute to all the veterans in attendance.
Upside down helicopter
Nice, too!

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