Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Customer is always right ???

I work in retail. I have one particular customer, X, who likes to slash prices and asking for freebies, not just for herself but the rest of her family as well. Well, this morning, she came into the store for a bottle of calcium gel caps. The following conversation ensued.

X- What is the price for this bottle of calcium?
Me-It's $9 + Tax.
X- How much was your cost?
Me-It's $6.25, mrs.x.
X- Would you take $6 for it?
Me- Sorry but I can't sell it to you at a loss.
X- How about throwing in a few pair of disposable masks for free ???

Now, this is not somebody who can't afford a bottle of calcium and a couple masks. There's nothing wrong with bargaining but trying to take advantage of a small retail store irks me. Is the customer always right? I certainly have my doubts in this case!

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